Wednesday, October 19, 2011


In Arusha region at USA river there is a church located at USA river which can leave you dumbfounded with its success. The church has less than 50 members mostly of low income, however despite all the challenges members have bought a large plot for the church premises. The premises are big enough to accommodate other facilities as well, the erected church building can sits more than 300 worshipers at a time. They have a strong small choir; well arranged programs which are well managed in quality and time management. 
But most interestingly the church is running a project on Burned Bricks. These brick after being ready they are sold and the obtained fund is used to build the church. What a self sustainable and self independent system for this congregation. This is Magadirisho S.D.A Church. 

We can all learn from them in developing our churches.
 A church building as it is seen from outside
 Church members and visitors included as seen inside the church

A small mighty church choir, that is well disciplined with regularly practices

Bricks being dried under the sun before being burnt. After being burnt these bricks will be ready for use and they will be sold.

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